Gilchrist, Texas 
Real Estate and Community Information

Gilchrist is located in Galveston County, Texas on State Highway 89 on the Bolivar Peninsula. It is a residential community as well as a beachfront resort with a population of 1050 residents. The city experiences an influx of seasonal residents.

The community is served by the High Island Independent School District. The district educates children in grades Kindergarten through grade 12 in a three tier educational system. The school district has a small student population and has earned positive feedback from students, parents and educational professionals.

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Available real estate includes single and multi-family homes and undeveloped properties. The residences include beachfront homes and other property includes beachfront lots. The canal lots and East Bay homes have spectacular water views and ideal for permanent residents or those interested in investment homes. Real estate is moderately priced and are located in family friendly neighborhoods.

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The community, originally called Rollover, was renamed in honor of Gibb Gilchrist who was responsible for rebuilding the rail line after the 1915 hurricane. A post office was established in 1950 giving the community permanence. It became a very popular fishing location due to the state game and fish commission efforts to preserve and improve the fish and wildlife resources. Because of its location and proximity to water, the area became popular as a seasonal vacation spot in addition to being an attractive residential area.

Parks and Recreation

Residents with a passion for the great outdoors will appreciate the parks and recreational opportunities offered by the city and Galveston County. There are 40 facilities available and include parks, boat access and service centers. Residents and visitors will also find hiking, spots fields, hiking and places to relax and enjoy the sunsets.

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Attractions and Activities

There is plenty to do in Gilchrist and the surrounding area and include boat tours, historic museums, water sports and historic sightseeing tours. There are also fishing charters, whale watching adventures, amusement parks and zoos. Family members of all ages will find activities to capture their interest.


Events in any town or city often define the community. Residents and visitors will find concerts, seasonal and holiday celebrations, Farmers markets, concerts and music festivals, charitable events and children and pet events. 

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